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Parametric Solutions Inc (PSI) was founded in 1993 by Aerospace engineers with a desire to help customers accelerate their products to market. Since then, we have grown to over 300 employees working on a broad portfolio of products in multiple industries.

Our incredible team consists of highly experienced engineers and analysts working from 60,000 square feet of office space solving complex engineering problems with truly sophisticated design solutions and rigorous analysis.

In 2017, we added our own 35,000 square foot manufacturing facility and are now able of rapidly designing, building, inspecting, instrumenting, assembling and testing a wide array of new ideas and technologies for our valued customers. We are truly a development to production manufacturing company. 


Joel Haas

CEO and Co-founder

Mr. Joel Haas serves as Chief Executive Officer. He co-founded PSI in 1993 and has assisted in the company’s growth using the skills and training developed over the past 35 years. He has performed multiple functions such as CFO, Engineering Director and as PSI’s Contracts and Financials expert. Mr. Haas was formerly a design engineer at Pratt & Whitney and GE. Mr. Haas obtained his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University in 1985.

Catherine Barre

President and Co-founder

Mrs. Catherine Barre co-founded PSI in 1993 and serves as its President. Catherine is an experienced Business Executive and Program Management Engineer who has been instrumental in leading the company through engine development programs, government relations, compliance and personnel management. Mrs. Barre was formerly a design engineer at GE Aircraft Engines in Evendale, Ohio and at Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Engines in Jupiter, Florida.  She graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Florida Atlantic University in 1988. 

Gary Prus

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Gary Prus serves as the Chief Operating Officer. He has 35 years of advanced technology experience in the Aerospace industry. He is certified by the USAF as a Safety and Risk Manager and brings these years of experience to his clients. He has served as PSI’s Business Development Director, Marketing Director and Sales Manager. In addition, he reviews and provides technical guidance in combustion engines, maintenance and repairs. Mr. Prus is a graduate of Michigan Technological University, where he was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He held various positions at Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Engines including Engineering Director and Manager of Turbine Engineering for Operational Military Products.

Daryl Michaelian

Vice President

Mr. Daryl Michaelian is the Vice President of Cold Section Engineering. Mr. Michaelian has 35 years of experience as a Project Manager for jet engine exhaust nozzle hardware, kinematic systems, inlet cases, shrouds and turbine vanes. He is responsible for mechanical design, analysis, drafting, manufacturing support and prototype fabrications.

Mr. Michaelian graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. After graduating, he worked at Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Engines as a Project Engineer. Mr. Michaelian joined PSI after fulfilling work at Pratt and Whitney as a Senior Design Engineer.

Dr. David Cusano

Vice President

Dr. David Cusano is the Vice President of Thermal Sciences and Information Technology. Dr. Cusano manages projects and provides expert guidance and technical direction for Computational Fluid Dynamics, combustion, fluid flow, and thermal analysis. He has developed heat transfer tools for accurately predicting slot, multi-hole film cooling and impingement cooling. Dr. Cusano studied at the University of Illinois and received a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering. He furthered his education with a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering and obtained a Ph.D. In Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University.  He has had nine technical papers published to date. Prior to joining PSI, Dr. Cusano was an Analytical Engineer at Pratt and Whitney.

David Olsen

Vice President

Mr. David Olsen is the Vice President of Hot Section Engineering. He is a Senior Project Manager and Design Engineer and leads the procurement of gas turbine engine components and modules. Mr. Olsen graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. While completing his education, he began work at Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Engines as a Mechanical/Layout Drafter. Upon graduation, he assumed a Mechanical Engineering position at Pratt and Whitney. 

PSI News

PSI's President Catherine Barre working with Palm Beach County Business Development Board on future plans for the company

Palm Beach County is a recognized national leader in Aviation / Aerospace / Engineering (A/A/E) with more than 17,000 employees in over 1,350  companies with an average salary of $94,082.

Florida boasts the second-largest aerospace industry in the U.S., and the titans of the aviation industry, including Lockheed Martin Corporation, Aerojet Rocketdyne, Pratt & Whitney, Sikorsky, and Parametric Solutions, call Palm Beach County home. 

The future of A/A/E rests with the agile minds of our workforce and their capacity to look to the future and formulate ideas, engineer innovative solutions, and manufacture products.

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