Engineering Services

Engineering Design

We offer conceptual, preliminary and detailed design engineering services.

  • Aerodynamics and Performance
  • Instrumentation Design & Layout
  • Mechanical and Aerostructures
  • Kinematics
  • Manufacturing & Assembly Planning
  • 3D Model Based Definition with Functional Tolerancing and Annotations
  • Product Definition and Checking
  • Assembly Tooling
  • Metallurgy

Engineering Analysis

We offer advanced analysis on a multitude of systems.

  • Internal and External CFD
  • Static Stress and F&DT
  • Aerothermal Analysis
  • 1D and 3D Secondary Flows
  • 3D Stress Analysis & Optimization
  • Vibratory Analysis / Tuning
  • Propulsion System Performance Modeling
  • Turbine Durability and Life Assessment
  • Combustion Kinetics

Systems Engineering

Our systems engineers interface with multiple teams to provide exceptional systems engineering services

  • Design System Integration
  • Fuel Delivery Systems Design/Analysis
  • Landing Gear Systems Integration and Loading
  • Propulsion Integration
  • Requirements Management

Instrumentation Design

We offer advanced instrumentation on a multitude of systems. 

  • Instrumentation Design, Fabrication, Application, Routing, Slip Rings
  • Probe, thermocouple and rake design
  • Instrumentation Microscope Stations
  • Instrumentation Welding
  • Design of Data Acquisition Systems
  • Portable Data Acquisition for field measurements
  • Rokide sprays for thermal barrier coatings

Tooling Design and Fabrication

We offer advanced tool design and assembly planning.

  • Soft and hard tooling design and fabrication
  • Build stand design and fabrication
  • Vane and seal fixture design
  • Design and fabrication of hydroforms
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