Engineering to Test

We offer conceptual, preliminary and detailed design with assembly, inspection and test services.

  • Mechanical and Aerostructures Design and Analysis
  • Metallurgy
  • Manufacturing and Assembly 
  • Tooling Design and Build
  • Instrumentation Design and Application


Our 35,000 square foot facility located in Jupiter, FL provides state-of-the-art manufacturing for various sizes of machined parts or tools.

  • 3/4/5-Axis Milling Centers
  • Vertical Turret Lathes (VTL’s)
  • Manual Lathes
  • Plunge & Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)
  • EDM Hole Drilling
  • Five-Axis Shot Peen
  • Media Finish
  • Airfoil Super Polish
  • Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI)
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Inspection
  • GOM ATOS Structured Light Inspection


We use the most advanced inspection tools to ensure compliance to design and quality requirements.

  • GOM ATOS Structured-Light Scanners
  • Large (18’ x 35’) CMM machine
  • Delta Handheld XRF Analyzer
  • Portable FARO Arm


We have a customizable/cellular assembly area, capable of being used for assembly of small modules to very large power turbines and aircraft sections.

  • Large Overhead Cranes
  • Vertical and Horizontal Balancing
  • Ability to Rapidly Design and Manufacture Custom Assembly/Disassembly Tooling


We offer advanced instrumentation on a multitude of systems.

  • High Temperature Strain Gages
  • Grounded Junction Thermocouples
  • Pressure Sensing Prandtl Tubes
  • Custom Aero Probes
  • Rakes and Kielheads
  • Acoustic Testing
  • Field Installation
  • On-Site Test Support


Our professionals understand the need for robust test plans, rapid data acquisition and comprehensive analysis.

  • Test Facility Design
  • Test Support
  • Portable Data Acquisition Equipment
  • LabView Professional Software
  • Dynamic Pressure Testing
  • Gas Sampling/Emissions Testing
  • Velocity Measurements
  • Data Reduction/Analysis
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